Dr Jessica Donaghue

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Dr Donaghue has re-opened her books as of 28/03/2023.

Bulk billing is not available.
Dr Donague can continue care for HRT once it has already started, but is unable to initiate.

Dr Donague also offers dedicated counselling, and has a separate room set up that is non-medical with a couch and pot plants and adjustable lighting.
Her counselling is evidence based, TGDNB-friendly, LGBTIQA+ friendly, poly-friendly etc.

- Under 18
- 18 and Over
- This practitioner provides cervical screening services for the gender diverse community, and also supports self-collection if it is preferred.


Contact Information

Your Health Clinics - SA - Hutt Street General Practice, Bray House, Hutt Street, Adelaide SA, Australia