TransMascSA is a group for transgender men and gender diverse people who were assigned or presumed female at birth but do not identify as such to have a safe and inclusive space. TransMasc SA meets at 57 Hyde Street fortnightly on a Wednesday and is a confidential, social support style group that promotes holistic well-being and social connectedness through peer support.
They can be contacted at – [email protected]
Check out their flyer here – TransMascSA Flyer
Check them out on Facebook here – (Public Page)
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Read the group norms here – TransMascSA Group Norms
Access the TransMascSA Binder Exchange Program here


TransFemmeSA is a Gender Wellbeing Service social group aimed at those who identify as Feminine and were NOT assigned female at birth, this includes Binary AND Non binary Individuals.
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Email – [email protected]

Non-Binary Youth Discussion Group

A group for any young people under 25 who question or don’t identify with binary gender. Facilitated by Rosie from Our Place. Support people welcome.
2nd Tuesday of the month from 4.30pm- 6.00pm
Level 3, 43 Franklin St, Adelaide.
Call 8202 5190 to register or email [email protected]
View upcoming events on the Bfriend Facebook Page


Extract from the GENDASA Site:
This group is an open-door offer to all gender diverse people and supporters who wish to see our rights, wellbeing and wider-community perception improve, and achieve the first steps towards these goals. A discussion group for all to express opinions, establish community projects or to simply meet and support others.
Website – 


Group program held at headspace Port Adelaide for young people aged 12-17 years who identify as gender questioning, gender-diverse and/or transgender with an aim of building resilience, skills and peer support.
Contact – 8215 6340
Email – [email protected]

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits holds multiple groups, with one being for Transgender and Gender Diverse and Non Binary communities.
Held on the First Saturday of each Month from 2pm to 5pm at Diverse-City
It is well suited to those who seek a little more privacy but still want to get out. It is of course open to all Transgender, Gender Diverse and Non Binary people. Contact them on email on [email protected] or call Gail on 0402 903 286 to discuss the group, other projects and booking to attend a meet-up. 
Facebook –
Email – [email protected] 
Phone – Gail –  0402 903 286